Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I loved the first film, so I went to watch this with some reservations as we all know that sometimes film makers can really cock up sequels.  I was really quite nervous about where they would take this… and yes before you read any further, there could be spoilers in this… so if you haven’t see the film and you don’t want me to ruin it… stop reading right here and then come back to me when you have gotten around to watching it.  Or if you are impatient and want to know if the film really is worth watching feel free to read through the spoilers and make your judgement.

Hopefully you will all remember the first film where poor little Quill watched his mother die and then was whisked away by Yondu only be to kept from his real father and lead in to a life of crime.  Then along the way in the film he makes friends with the oafish Drax, a talking racoon, a tree, and the green goddess known as Gamora.  If you don’t remember… please go watch it as you need to understand the character build up and friendship dynamics to truly appreciate this sequel.

The beginning is awesome.  It starts with a battle which baby Groot dances around.  Yes, he’s so cute… don’t you just want one of your own.

The team are defending batteries for a superior race, but it turns out that Rocket has stolen a few “just because” which means that they now have a whole planets worth of genetically modified super race chasing after them… well they are a little bit good and a little bit crooked after all.  Gamora also gets her psychotic sister as payment for defending the batteries so that she can claim the price on her head.

After a nice space chase scene they are saved by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be Quills long lost dad.  This churns up his feelings about Yondu, and Quill decides to go off with daddy dearest to find out what’s been going down for all these years.  Quill, Gamora and Drax tootle off to planet dad while Rocket and Groot remain to patch up the ship after the chase and guard Nebula (Gamora’s sister).

Yondu and his merry band of men are hired to hunt down Quill by the super race and find Rocket and after some swift Racoonery they are captured only for Nebula to take over the ship and start a mutiny.

Yundo and Rocket end up making an unlikely team with poor little Groot needing to save them.

Mean while on planet Dad, Quill is taken in by what appears to be an awesome father and his playmate Mantis.  As ever the women senses that things are not all they appear and Gamora’s “I told you so” senses are starting to tingle.

Rocket, Yondu, Groot and oddly Nebula are then left to save Quill, Drax and Gamora from the madness of daddio…

So that is the very abridged version of the story with dirty great chunks cut out so as not to upset your viewing.

I simply urge you all to watch this film whether you are a Marvel fan or not.  Yes of course the story is far fetched but it doesn’t matter because it’s a great film and if you can get to see it while it is still in the cinema I am telling you to go.

The graphics are brilliant.  Seemless in their delivery and at no point do you feel that they have skimped on the film production at all.

There are some great cameo rolls with old Sly Stallone popping up (even if I do think he struggled to actually say the lines).

I even got a little emotional over Yondu in the end as it turns out he just isn’t as bad as you thought.

I do have one little bug bear which is… with Yondu and is amazing arrow… how did he not rule the universe?? I mean come on… no one can get near him with that little weapon, so why is he still a ravager??

With all Marvel films (excluding Logan… let’s not go there I am still not over it) remember to stay through the credits as there are snippets of extra film throughout, and of course the end one is reserved for Groot.  After all we do all love Groot…

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