Bruised behind the masc – Daryna Barykina

We have all heard of people who suffer silently behind a sunny disposition. Living in complete fear of a partner or loved one because of the physical or mental abuse that they suffer. Desperate for help, but too frightened to get it for fear of the repercussions. Barykina presents the emotion and reality in her personal project of “Bruised behind the masc”.

The beautiful women represented in the photo, a fully made up face, shattered and fragile like a porcelain doll revealing a split lip and bruised mouth. Her coat collar up on one side hiding more secrets. White flowers woven in to her hair indicating the innocence and purity of the subject to which the abuse has happened.

The project has a series of 5 pictures each showing different afflictions behind a cracked face or chest. Each picture encapsulates the resolution of the situation and a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness.

This project really does show the visible scars and the invisible ones as each blow or each unprovoked attack, verbal or physical will leave a scar be it skin deep or mentally longer lasting.

For Barykina, this was a very personal project as when she moved from the Ukraine to America she was surprised at the impact this mostly unreported domestic violence has on the society around her.

Her use of bold colours and techniques were created to provoke, and show the endless cycle of gluing oneself together each morning to receive more cracks come the evening.

This is a fantastically provocative and intelligent representation of abuse. The other photos of the project can be viewed here.

If you have suffered or are still suffering from mental or physical abuse, please remember you are not alone, and it isn’t right or correct behaviour. You are worth more and you do not deserve this. While this may fall on deaf ears, either through fear or thoughts that it is hopeless, here are some links of where to find the help you need. If you are not directly impacted by this, please remember that these organisations can always use support no matter how small your input.

National Domestic Violence Help
Citizens Advice
Living Without Abuse

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