Abstract Light – Exodus of Light

I don’t write about digital art anywhere near as often as I should.  Generally, because I find paintings much easier to write about.  They hold a certain quality that I feel is much more personal as it is a connective process of brush to canvas or what ever medium is being painted on.  That is not to say that the digital process isn’t as connective or emotive, it’s just a personal preference of mine, which leads me on to something that I find so moving I couldn’t ignore.  It is really important to support up and coming artist, which is why I am compelled to right about this one.  This account really is a little gemstone of a find, especially at the moment when the world appears to be in lockdown and the news is filled with COVID-19 details.

Exodus of Light (EOL) is an artist that you can find on Instagram and Facebook, who produces art created by using long exposure light photography which has been layered to create something that is truly beautiful.  The description of the work is: –

“My pictures investigate the juxtaposition of light through darkness.  Colours and patterns intertwine from within the gloom as part of my journey to create an abstract and ethereal world.”

As you can see from the photos this artist really does achieve this in a spectacular fashion.  Many lightscape photographers will utilise items such as the burning of wire wool or moving lights to create a constant stream against a static background.  EOL has a different technique of using a slow shutterspeed and camera movement to create swathes of light which are then edited and manipulated into ethereal visions.

Exodus has the meaning of a departure of, and in this context the fleeting glimmers of light appear to be exploding from the darkness, in all the pieces.  The use of colour and the removal of static backgrounds creates something so otherworldly that it is difficult to not find your own meaning in these images.

For example, the one I have chosen as the feature image for this article, holds a heavenly beam.  Reticent of artists who have used this golden hue to depict the hand of god in paintings as it peaks through clouds, this image shows a directive beam which spreads to a covering ray, a heart at the central point giving the warm of the light the encompassing compassion to the masses, facing downwards, as if indicating the godly treasures bestowed on his followers… to the bottom of the piece faint white lines as though clouds can be just about seen, adding to this perceived meaning.

Now, I have no doubt that the artist did not move towards creating a piece that was seemingly religious as much with these types of art work they are more about the aesthetic than the meaning, but as the audience, they are very easy to find a personal motive.

Other works from EOL show the same command of the technique, which simply demonstrates a talent which is honed to this type of work and an eye for colour blends which create something which is pleasing and playful to the eye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above is just a few from the EOL account which I find really striking, from the rainbow ribbon through to the flamingo, to the disruptive lines, there is no doubt that there is a mastery of form and colour in this artists mind.

What I find most interesting is the drag of light and the effects that it creates, as notably light travels in straight lines, so when seeing light distorted in this way, it really enhances the feeling of something other worldly.  Ok if we go on a scientific level, we know that light will refract though a prism or through particles in the air, but not on to a full-on curve which is the effect achieved in many of these pieces.

The colour pallet is notoriously neon which assists in bringing the ethereal feel, but it is really easy to make art such as this garish, as neon is known to clash and present a backlash of hues which can be unyielding in photography, but the tempered light balance within these pieces delicately balance the understanding of colour and what will be pleasing to a viewer’s eye.

This is one of the few artists I will go out of my way to follow, simply out of a respect for the talent and skill which is present as well as the beautiful end results which consistently keeps me guessing as to what it started off as, and if the artist did have some view on what the end result would be interpreted as.

If you want to follow EOL you can find the account on Instagram @exodus_of_light or find on Facebook by searching Exodus of Light.

What do you see in these abstracts of light?  Why not tell me in the comments?  Like this post?  Why not share it.


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