George and the Dragon – Paolo Uccello

Did you know that during the years 1920-1940 the film industry instigated colour coding for good guys and villains in cowboy films?  Good guys got white hats and bad guys had black ones.  While this was a standardised convention during this time to assist audiences in categorising the characters the first time this was used... Continue Reading →

A Muse (Calliope?) – Cosimo Tura

There is a reason that my alias is WidowCranky, one it is obviously a play on the panto character, Widow Twanky from Aladdin, the comedy stock character, who nags and moans, which led me to the change the name to Cranky as I only really moan when I see something that doesn't sit right with... Continue Reading →

Art Critic – Tom Brown

How many documentaries on art have you watched? How many gallery or museum tours have you walked through? How many books on art have you picked up, and then not finished reading? Today I'm not really talking about the painting, although it does summarise nicely the little moan that I'm going to have. I have... Continue Reading →

The man who puts women on fire – Wolfgang Lettl

There is nothing quite so attractive as someone who can stimulate the mind as well as the body.  I maybe in the minority here, as obviously most first attraction is built on the physical, but I find nothing more attractive than someone who can spark inspiration and hold an intellectual conversation with a witty rapport. ... Continue Reading →

Untitled – Zdzislaw Beksinski

I have a completely visual mind. This means I dream in colour and very vividly. I remember a lot of the dreams I have in the few hours sleep I get, and disappointingly they are usually ultra realistic and while I really wish Tom Hardy would pop in to them, I'm usually stuck with someone... Continue Reading →

Presentiment Of Insomnia – Sergey Ignatenko

I may have written once or twice about the fact that I am a sufferer of insomnia.  I am pretty used to it by now, although I have recently achieved a couple of what I call nearly full nights sleep. This is a fairly good achievement for me as it means that I can go... Continue Reading →

Venus rising from the sea – a deception – Raphaelle Peale

I am quite open to all art concepts and themes. I therefore don't have an issue with nudity in art, but I can understand why some people feel that nudity in art is overwhelming or confrontational. While in my own little bubble I don't encounter censorship or adverse reactions to art as I bumble around,... Continue Reading →

Tower of Babel – Todd Schorr

I consider myself, fairly eloquent and reasonably well educated, yet sometimes I really do struggle to understand what people are talking about, regional dialects can sometimes present an issue, and this is just in English.  It's even worse when I try my broken language skills out in the originating country.  It's not particularly anyone's fault,... Continue Reading →

On est en enfer – Antoni Taulé

Today is the day most of us probably are trying to return back to work.  Still feeling bamboozled by the last few weeks of not working, eating and drinking too much and spending maybe a little too much time with relatives you see infrequently.  You now have to remember that you need to change the... Continue Reading →

Young Sick Bacchus – Caravaggio

I expect by now you're all sick of the left overs and the amount of drink you have in the house. Dreading tonight's turkey curry, and another glass of sherry, so just imagine what it would be like if your life was just one party full of feasts and wine. As appealing as it sounds,... Continue Reading →

Guernica Days – Ron English

Firstly, I have to tell you, I am very pleased that the Christmas spat of artwork is over.  I really started it with good intentions, and then really found myself struggling to stay away from the cliched icons of season.  I tell you this as I think that cliched icons is a good point to... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus – William Holbrook Beard

Merry Christmas! Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Joyeux Noël! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Buon Natale! and I apologise now if I haven't covered your language, but I have exhausted my linguist knowledge right there.  I wish each and everyone of you a tremendous day and that your world is full of happiness and glee. I have chosen the iconic Santa ( you don't... Continue Reading →

Snow Queen – Michael Whelan

Occasionally, I get accused of being cold....almost icy. I do have a small tendency to not always pick up on entries in to conversations about personal things about other people, generally it is not because I am rude, I just don't have a point of reference to talk about the hidden agenda subject. As an... Continue Reading →

Grýla – Þrándur Þórarinsson

For those of you that have children, I am sure that there are many of you that sometimes wish that the little darlings would just sit down and behave.  I appreciate that you all feel that your little angels are amazing, but as Christmas approaches, excitement peaks and they can get a little over exuberant... Continue Reading →

The Yule Lads – Artist Unknown

I quite like a little jaunt out.  Get a bit merry, maybe cause a little bit of frivolity now and then, but as I get older it gets a bit fewer and further between jaunts.  That is nothing compared to the Yule Lads as they are now confined to coming out for 13 nights a... Continue Reading →

Shelley’s Art Musings – The Follies of the ‘Sand’ Louvre, which acquired the Leonardo da Vinci painting at $450 million

Three Legends of St. Nicholas – Gerard David

I appreciate that I haven’t gotten particularly Christmassy just yet.  This could be due to the fact that I take absolute umbrage that Christmas hits the shops around October.  Personally I think that this then takes away from the excitement and joy that is supposed to be felt with this time of year, making it... Continue Reading →

Women in Love – Serge Marshennikov

Some time there are people who are just utterly beautiful, artists using their image to capture that radiance for an eternity on canvas, or on paper, or through photography. While beauty itself comes in many forms, as it is true that you can be stunningly beautiful to look at and then be a vacuous dark... Continue Reading →

Revelations #1 – Danny Galieote

My grandmother had a book from the Readers digest. It had lots of old wives tales in it, one that always stuck in my mind, was about how trustworthy a person based on the size of the half moons in their fingernails. While the story is total hogswash and there are many reasons for the... Continue Reading →

Death and Life – Gustav Klimt

Life is a funny old game isn't it.  On the very base of it we are here to procreate, but we as a species have a consciousness about our own existence, we have developed all the good and bad parts of life as we know it.  The rituals and routines, the science, the understanding of... Continue Reading →

Pierce – Craww

'Good Morning Mr Magpie, How's your lady wife today?' is a common phrase muttered if you see a solitary magpie, or if you are like me and lazy, you might just give it a nod.  Mostly because I try and logically talk myself out of superstition, but some habits die hard. Superstitions are odd, for... Continue Reading →

Samson and Delilah – Peter Paul Rubens

Today, I am back to the subject of pesky women.  Not so much a woman scorned today, but one that was easily bribed.  It's so easy to see why women got a bad wrap throughout the ages, with the stories of them being deceitful and manipulative, when I think we all know, in reality that... Continue Reading →

Nothing Else Matters – Mike Dargas

Shakespeare said it best in "The Merchant of Venice", 'All that glisters is not gold'.  Things are not always what they appear to be.  At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this piece of hyper realistic art is a photo, but it is actually the superb creation of Mike Dargas. Dargas' takes... Continue Reading →

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife – Orazio Gentileschi

Bored housewife seeks slave to cater to her every whim... Well that is what Potiphar's wife should have been advertising for, since this was in the time before tinder and meeting someone meant actually having to be in the same place at the same time.  I am pretty sure that the woman in this painting would go down a... Continue Reading →

Allegory, Ship of state – Frans Francken the Elder

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, it’s a great example of an allegory demonstrating those with natural talents could have the tendency to become lazy and complacent, where as the hard working ‘plodders’ may come up trumps against those who are more talented simply because they will put the extra... Continue Reading →

The Scream – Edvard Munch

You don’t often hear someone just having a good scream for the sake of it. Quite often you see it in films, where someone is so frustrated that they stand there screaming, or they run under a railway bridge and as the train goes over they let out an exuberant scream which fills them with... Continue Reading →

A little push

Good morning you lovely people... I’m out looking for a little push from you all. I have started writing articles for an art publishing website and I would really appreciate it if you guys could take a look, share it, follow it... what ever you want to do. I would be eternally grateful and it... Continue Reading →

Alphonse Mucha

I don't usually just write about an artist and not pick a particular picture to go with it, but on this occasion I am giving a bash at just speaking about the life and rise of Alphonse Mucha. There is something decadently elegant about the Art Nouveau movement. Removed from the academic and classical styles... Continue Reading →

Pegasus and Muse – Ernst Fuchs

Today’s post, I unapologetically release the full force of my Greek myth geekdom. This painting has so much going on, that I really want to give you all the full breakdown of what is going on, to do the piece of work justice. Ernst Fuchs was a man of many talents, along side painting his... Continue Reading →

Tristezze della luna olio – Roberto Ferri

Despite not being a believer in any God, religion is quite honestly one of my favourite subjects.  I find it absolutely fascinating how there are so many different factions and divisions of faith, yet they all lead to the same underlying message.  I don't say this light heartedly either, I spent a lot of time... Continue Reading →

Orpheus and Eurydice – Frederic Leighton

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will probably know quite well now, that I am in fact a mythology geek. I love the stories of the Gods, mythical creatures and the unusual. They feed so much of what is in our culture today, be it in films, tv series, books, opera, plays, the list is... Continue Reading →

The Possibility Can Not be Displayed – Zhong Biao

The definition of possibility is:- things that may happen or be the case.  Its such a simple description for something that potentially has such a impact on you. Possibilities are endless, and they twist and change with every decision we make in our lives.  Ultimately you can live your life with your eyes looking down,... Continue Reading →

Trophic interaction within a single tree community – Raoul Deleo

Tucked away on the second floor of the Rotterdam natural history museum, is an art exhibit by Raoul Deleo. This seems like a really odd place to have this type of display, as it's neither natural or truly historical, but none the less, this is an amazing world created by wondrous mind. 'During the last... Continue Reading →

Couple aux têtes pleines de nuages – Salvador Dali

I don't usually open with someone else's words, but Dali's "Couple with their heads full of clouds", really brings to mind the poetry of Percy Shelley for me, so here is the first stanza for you to enjoy while looking at this beautiful piece of surrealism. "I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, From... Continue Reading →

Le modèle rouge III – Rene Magritte

I consider myself to be amazingly lucky, as when I'm not working, I get to run around all over the world seeing artworks. Right now I am in Rotterdam, and visited the delightful Boijmans art museum. This is really close to Rotterdam central and for anyone who is a keen art lover should visit this... Continue Reading →

The Styx Jellyfish – Levan Songulashvili

Jellyfish are odd aren't they. Some teeny tiny like the Irukandi jellyfish, some glow in the dark and some are just outright mean like the Portuguese man o war. Jellyfish don't have brains as such, they have nerve nets, which sense environmental changes and coordinate their responses. There is a wealth of things I could... Continue Reading →

An Allegory of Faith – Daniel Colen

The most devastating part of "The lion, the witch and the wardrobe" for me was the part where Aslan was bound to a large sacrificial table by the snow queen. Firstly...who could kill a talking lion and secondly I never really as a child understood why he gave in so easily. It didn't really occur... Continue Reading →

The ugly duchess – Quinten Massys

I know what you're thinking, why are you posting this seemingly grotesque old women. She looks a bit like Jack Whitehall's dad in drag. Well I guess this is the picture that introduced me to my appreciation of art. Massys meticulous painting of this less than blessed woman, is so lovingly produced that the viewer... Continue Reading →

Crying Girl (1964) – Roy Lichtenstein

I have had a real sucky couple of weeks. Long days, frayed emotions, stress, sometimes hurting people around me through the tonight's post is dedicated to those who had to put up with me along the way, and those who who caused me all that anguish as there have been a few times I... Continue Reading →

Vanity – James Jean

I'm one of those women who puts their make up on at the start of the day and that's it. I don't carry a small make up bag with me, filled with the essentials to touch up through out the day. I'm the same with my hair. I do it once then, come hell or... Continue Reading →

Viva la muerte – Brian M Viveros

I don't really have a tonne to say on Brian M Viveros. I love his work, the realistic and high pigment colour that he uses to paint doe eyed women makes the work pop off the page. While there is no doubt that the women he paints are beautiful, they essentially come across as damaged,... Continue Reading →

All I need – Melissa McCraken

We see colours everyday, and actually we all have a different perception of what a particular colour looks like.  For example, I don't appreciate the colour yellow particularly, yet others can see the colour yellow totally differently to the way I see it.  So how would you feel if your brain translated sound into colour?... Continue Reading →

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