Pegasus Vs. Chimera

Remember Jason and the Argonauts? Maybe you loved The thief of Baghdad….or maybe Sinbad and the eye of the tiger…this is like the Z movie version of one of these films.

The film poster looks exciting doesn’t it?  Mythical creatures and the Greeks defending their honour, but and it’s a big but, the film doesn’t even come close to the excitement that the poster alludes to.

For those of you that aren’t sure what the deal with Pegasus was or what a chimera is, let me break it down for you. 

Pegasus – a winged,  devine stallion of the purest white, sired by Poseidon and foaled by Medusa (she gave birth to him when good old Perseus decapitated her).  Most well known for defeating the chimera, before appearing in many other Greek myths, until Zues transformed Pegasus into a constellation.

Chimera – head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a lizard (although there are several different dipictions of the chimera where it is a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its back and a snake as it’s tail).  Now if an angry, bity goat snake isn’t scary enough for you, it also was said to breath fire.  Sibling of other hellish creatures such as Cerberus and appears in the Iliad as the earliest literary reference to this creature.

So hopefully now you feel informed enough about these creatures to feel as excited as I was when I stuck this movie on.  Within the first five minutes, I knew I was on to a doozie of a bad film.  This has the look and feel of a movie made by first year drama students.  The filming and editing is really poor and the script leaves a lot to be desired.  The final battle scene looked like it was filmed on a school playing field.

The acting, is at best dire.  I lost interest in the vengeance that the characters were seeking really quickly, as they didn’t seem passionate about defending the death of their loved ones and village, in fact they seemed a bit ambivalent towards their disasterous losses.

The story line is fairly non existent….bad man summons Chimera, blacksmith and warrior princess want to defeat bad man, they get someone to summon Pegasus for them, they go looking for bad man and must defeat chimera to get to him.  Pegasus saves the day.  I know, it was tough to follow.

When Pegasus first turns up, he is just a white horse…no wings, nothing spectacular, yet occassionally his wings appear, but the film makers felt it necessary to use the same shot of the hooves every time Pegasus turned back to a horse.

The CGI looks bad in this film, but the CGI in itself isn’t actually that bad, it just doesn’t fit the rest of the film with its very drab sets and shoddy wardrobe (think they blew the budget in the CGI and then could only afford costume changes for one character). 

The chimera looks like it has been hiked from a different film, and manages to dismember people without ever actually touching them.  Also dead bodies magically disappear from the sets in this film or end up in an implausible pile.

Battle scenes are the hight of disappointment in this film.  Swords never actually appear to touch, and on the odd occasion someone might get grazed by a sword there is inordinate amounts of blood for the injuries that would have been sustained.  Some people die without ever actually being touched in battle, which left me asking what the hell was going on, and chuckling about how this ever made it off the cutting room floor.

The film is pretty nonsensical, and it struggles to keep itself on track.  It leaves even the most understanding of viewers puzzled.

If you’re looking for something to be on in the background, or something to laugh at watching this film, if not, I would bother as it is not the mythical masterpiece you are looking for.


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